The Beauty of the Human Soul

“Don’t be eye candy, be soul food.” – Unknown Author

Today I’d like to write about beauty. Not the ordinary physical beauty but the beauty of the human soul. The beauty of random connections and new friendships. The beauty of now, of living in the moment. The tenderness and comfort of a hug, the healing touch of holding someone’s hand for a second.

Time is of no importance, the future doesn’t matter, no one cares about what tomorrow will bring, because we fully indulge in today, in now, in this moment, in each other. A friend, a travel buddy, an activities companion, a person you just met at the coffee shop, a lover. Stop, drop, smile, hug, kiss, cherish, speak your mind.

Tell your friends how much you appreciate them, tell your family how much you love them, tell your partner how special they are. Do it daily. Repeat it till they are not able to forget it any more., even when you are not there.

The beauty of the human soul. When it sees through you and heals you from within. When all your flaws are exposed and it still thinks you are magnificent. Surround yourself with such beautiful souls!

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