Vibe Wildly with Your Tribe

A step-by-step guide how to successfully attend your next yoga/music/summer festival!

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.” – Sophia Bush

That’s the quote the first yoga class at Wild Vibes Festival started with. At that moment, I knew I was in the right place. I have been working on improving myself, both physically and spiritually, since the day I arrived in the US to pursue my Master’s degree 8 years ago and that’s exactly how I feel every day – I have accomplished a whole lot but I also have a lot more work to do!

Picture credit: Monica Justesen Photography
Yoga is for every body! Picture credit: Monica Justesen Photography

Oh was I giddy with excitement to attend Wild Vibes Festival! I had been dreaming of going to an yoga fest for the longest time ever but I was a little afraid to attend one of the big Wanderlust events just due to the sheer size and the number of people there. (Not a fan of crowds.) So when Maggie, AJ, and Lauren put together the first and only New Hampshire yoga festival, God was my witness I was willing to help them with anything and everything and I was going to be there rain or shine!

Wild Vibes Festival has been growing steadily in the past 3 years and this year it featured:

  • 9 yoga classes
  • 12 wellness workshops
  • 11 live musicians/bands
  • a number of artists offering hands-on opportunities for creating
  • local artisan marketplace
  • kids corner

Quite timely, a week before the festival the organizers sent a newsletter with a comprehensive checklist with everything you need to know before you go. I was psyched to have very detailed instructions to follow as I didn’t want to rely only on my packing skills when prepping for a type of event I’ve never attended before.

In addition to their comprehensive checklist, happy to share my survival techniques: (acquired in action :-))

  • be on time – you don’t want to miss the opening ceremony or the first class
  • be prepared – clothes, water, and snacks are your friends
  • know the schedule in advance – you won’t be able to take all the classes you want even if you try real HARD 🙂 Speaking from experience 🙂 It is very hard to exhaust me, but 3 yoga classes, 2 workshops, and 6 hours walking around in the sun later, I landed softly on my bum under the shade 🙂
  • print the schedule OR write down the classes/workshops you REALLY want to attend (so you don’t miss them)
  • listen to your body and stop twisting yourself in a pretzel when you get tired (you will be sore next day no matter what)
  • don’t forget to have fun and be social! I went alone as I often do and ended up meeting old and new friends and talking to a ton of very interesting people.

The highlights of my day were the 3 yoga classes, taught by great NH Seacoast teachers, that I attended plus a few wellness workshops, and the Harsh Armadillo live music performance to close the festival. Sure I missed 1 yoga class and 1 workshop I wanted to partake in and I forgot the name of a folk band I really liked but you can’t have it all, and I really tried 🙂

JaneGee gave us a talk on natural skincare in the summer. She advised building melanin by starting gradually sunbathing in early spring. Sun is good for you, for your skin, organs, and mood. My beloved Grandma was right when she insisted we sunbathed in the early morning and be in the shade by 12pm! (I grew up on the Mediterranean, summers are known for blistering heat, burning sun, and no A/C :-)). Jane recommended a few supplements for internal skin cleansing and nourishment and introduced us to some of the ingredients of her skin care products. Since her products/treatments are personalized, I urge you to go visit her for a consultation at her store/spa in Portsmouth, NH.

John Cole taught us about Ceremonial Cacao, working with plant medicine, and cooking with love and intention. You can also ask him about tiny houses, which I’m particularly fond of!

There was a belly dancing workshop that reminded me of my Mediterranean roots and Gina DellaPasqua’s natural skincare products and essential oils had me smelling her table and smothering body butter on my skin for a long while!

A few of my favorite vendors were:

JaneGee for her amazing sunscreen that is completely natural and nourishes your skin while it protects it, smells yummy too (maybe even tastes so, haven’t tried it :-))

S’well bottle – keeps your water cold for 24 hours (also keeps your champagne chilled and bubbly should you choose to enjoy some at sunset on the beach…may have tried it :-). JaneGee store in Portsmouth carries those too.

IMSY Swimwear – you haven’t had a real surfing bikini until you try on an IMSY! Oh, how comfy they are and how cute your ass-ets look in them! I have to admit I may have gotten an IMSY bikini myself, it doesn’t ride up or down, has the push up effect without the padding and is fully reversible. Good enough reason to be giddy with excitement like a school girl and walk around at home for days on end in my new bikini, right?!

Summer Sessions Surf Shop were there too, demoing SUP boards for free and offering the opportunity to refresh in the ocean to anyone wishing to go paddle boarding.

What caught my eye in the art scene was Seaside Art Lessons kids workshop led by an amazing woman and artist Sam Malpass, who I love and admire even though she doesn’t know I exist 🙂 They have a painting night for adults on Tue/Thu in their Rye studio that I’ve been meaning to attend for the longest time ever! Another highlight was the opportunity to create sun prints using natural methods. First time I see that! #thereisalwaysafirsttime

Since I don’t know a thing about music, I’ll let you have a look at the flyer yourself:

The girls from Wild Vibes are planning surfing and yoga retreats in the winter so stay tuned! You wouldn’t want to miss playing in the water, under the sun, and in the middle of the rain forest with dear friends, would you?!

The wonderful pictures are credit of:

Wild Vibes Festival, Raya on Assignment, Monica Justesen Photography

For more photography check out Wild Vibes Fest on Facebook!

Totally blissed out with my fellow Brasilian yogini Marina!

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