Battle of the Mascaras – Better Than Sex vs. Perversion

Is Perversion better than Sex? Pun intended 😊  (Excuse me, I didn’t come up with the names, blame it on the clever mascara product developers.)

I may not strike you as the typical “beauty girl” but do I loooove make-up!!! ❤ (And perfumes too…😆) Being obsessed with mascara, foundation, and lipstick, I thought I had found a winner in “Better Than Sex” but when my favorite esthetician Hailey told me about “Perversion” I decided to put them to the test! I tend to leave part of my paycheck at Sephora… None of my “toys” are cheap, but I’d rather have 1 best in class item than 3 cheapos. #beingaminimalisthelps or NOT

Here are my thoughts on the contenders after using them for a weekend:


  • I like how the brush feels in my hand
  • I like the consistency and glide of the mascara liquid on the lashes
  • I like how natural it looks after 2 layers
  • It doesn’t sting at all after you take it off or next morning

Better Than Sex – (I was a little prejudiced since this one has been my favorite for the last few months. It is not better than sex, but it’s a pretty great mascara nevertheless!!!)

  • Adds more volume and length to my eyelashes and they look like falsies after 2 coats (I like the false eyelashes/baby doll look)
  • Hourglass shaped brush helps above and saves me from having to use eye pencil or eye liner in addition to mascara.
  • A bit thicker liquid that Perversion and doesn’t glide as smooth
  • Brush is heavier and more uncomfortable in my hand

Both are easy enough to take off at night and don’t smudge during the day.

I’d say if you already have long and thick lashes, go for Perversion. If you like the extra oomph like me with little effort, pick Better Than Sex. I’m keeping them both.😊

A little detailed for a mascara review, huh? That’s the scrutiny I use to research every product/destination…so you don’t have to!

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