10 Qualities of the Perfect Travel Companion

Also 10 reasons I’m horrible at dating and I can’t ever be a parent – I expect too much, I have no patience, and I don’t give second chances…

I travel often, with old and new friends, sometimes alone. I meet people along the way, some of them stick around, others I never see again. I was contemplating recently how lucky I’ve been to meet so many awesome, adventurous, and fun people lately, then I realized that with age and experience I have developed a list of requirements for new friends / travel / adventure buddies that I unconsciously put everyone through. Use my list of at your own risk  😜 Ain’t easy to find a qualifying human 😆

  1. Responsible and reliable – I need to be able to trust that person when sharing the booking / organizing tasks of the trip.
  2. Detailed – there is a lot of planning / reading when prepping for a trip and I have to make sure they won’t miss the fine print in the T&C when making a reservation.
  3. Over communicative – 2 things here: 1) We won’t be spending every minute together, at least I hope so, but I need to know where they are and when they are coming back. 2) We most probably won’t be in the same location / state / country when planning the trip so we need to be able to communicate over text, email, messenger, phone calls, and iron out the details.
  4. Prepared – with knowledge and gear. Sure, we all have different skills, and we should share our knowledge, and I’m more than happy to assist with everything I know and I have, but certain things they don’t know or don’t have will be a detriment to the trip, the experience, or the group. So go back to “detailed” and “over communicative” and let me know in advance what I’m working with.
  5. Active – better they run me dry than I do it to them. They can either hold their own in the activities we choose to do or they can patiently wait with a book, at the bar, or find their own entertainment while I indulge in my favorite sports.
  6. On the same page regarding available budget – I prefer to spend less $ on accommodation and invest in experiences instead but I always ask my travel companions about their expectations for daily budget. (Accomodations, car, lift tix, rental gear, etc.)
  7. NOT abusing substances – I ain’t dragging your drunk / high ass around town.
  8. FUN – cuz we’ll have a blast and it will be a trip to remember!
  9. Mind reader – LOL!!! – foresees your needs and moods so you don’t have to over explain yourself. I’m quiet and withdrawn when sad, overly bubbly when excited. Learn quick, ask what to do in case of emotional / physical emergency.
  10. Agreeable – with the adventures / destinations I offer. (Not because they don’t have an opinion of their own but because birds of feather flock together.)


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