Nantucket in Frames

…It could as well have been Nantucket in Flames…

After a very last minute Labor Day weekend trip to Nantucket, cut short by Hurricane Hermine, and filled with traveling delays, flight / ferry cancellations, broken boats, shared cabs, etc., all I have to post are a few images I took of the island.

We didn’t have time to surf or clear skies to watch the sunset but I roller bladed by butt off (literally, left some skin on the asphalt…) and biked my legs off for 25 miles very next day (because we earn our cocktails). #cantstopwontstop #crazylady

Discovery of the weekend – Whispering Angels – a dry, slightly fizzy rose wine to die for!

Departure from Hyannis – clear skies and well wishes!

Arrival in Nantucket, still clear skies, but windy!

Said bum 🙂 got all the wrong action!

Summer House – where we discovered the Whispering Angels Rose!

My favorite photo of the weekend – I like my beaches deserted and wild.

2nd night at Cru – where apparently all the bar staff is Bulgarian! (And cute :-))

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