Denver on “Wheelie”

Meet Wheelie – my new mid or “mud” season boyfriend and join me on a day trip of Denver neighborhoods and bike paths. Before Wheelie – the bicycle, I had a snowboard for a winter boyfriend (Mr. Pickle) and a surfboard (The Beast) to keep me company in summer. But I was still open in the spring and fall season for dating 😆 Since I met Wheelie my heart is hooked on toys in all seasons 😍

I was visiting my friends in Denver and since they live right next to the Cherry Creek Bike Trail, they suggested I take one of their bicycles and go explore the town. Little did they know I’d fall in love with their bike, claim it as temp boyfriend while in Denver and even name it.🚲❤ Oh well…

Cherry Creek Bike Path is a long, long trail all the way through town from East to West alongside the aforementioned creek. It is away from traffic and separated in pedestrian/bicycle parts. Interesting idea and very easy to manage as a cyclist. A very pleasant ride on a sunny day in Denver (days here are mostly sunny and warm🌞). The path leads all the way to Confluence Park where you can take the Platte Trail up north if you so desire.

Confluence Park is next to REI Flagship store in Denver. If you’d like to experience a free amusement park for outdoorsy adults, you must go!

First stop off the trail was Aviano Coffee in Cherry Creek. Superb is all I can say. Affiliated with Intelligentsia in Los Angeles. Trust me, espresso doesn’t get better than their Fruit Bat single origin beans. I’ve been going to Aviano every time I’m in Denver since!

It was in Aviano that I randomly met a fellow blogger who volunteered to give me the rundown on coffee shops in Denver and after finding out I was on my way to the Contemporary Art Museum, advised me to go to River North Art District (RiNo) instead and look at the authentic graffiti street art. So off north I went, all the way to the end of RiNo (additional 5 miles but who’s counting)!

Apparently Jack lives here… “Hi, I’m looking for Jack!” – “He’ll be home after 5pm, Miss”


From Platte Street, I crossed the pedestrian bridge over the river and visited Union Station, a very beautiful building both from the outside and the inside. Walking through the old train station, I imagined all the people in the late 1800s/early 1900s arriving in CO to try their luck in the gold rush…

On the way back, I passed by 16th Street pedestrian mall, a prime shopping destination, all the way to City Center. Since my initial plan was to visit the museums, I did stop by and take pictures of them…from the outside.😜

A day well spent if you ask me, got a workout in without even planning on it, and fell in love (with a bicycle). 😁

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