Spring Showers in Steamboat Springs, CO

First time I came to Steamboat last Fall, I was so mesmerized by the incredible drive from Denver that I wrote “The Road to the Boat”. Second time I visited this Winter and explored town, a post ensued on “The Hidden Gem of Northwest CO”. Third time around, I went for mountain biking but unexpected spring snow and rain showers in late May allowed only for picture taking. Therefore, enjoy the photos!

The road to the ‘Boat this time was through Wolcott. By the time I reached the top of the pass I had driven through every type of wet matter falling from the sky. It is a narrow, windy road without guardrails. Trust me, had I seen horses fall from the sky, I wouldn’t have been much surprised!

Went out for drinks and dinner the first night in a total snowstorm on May 20th! (Makes for pretty pictures)

Waiting for my friend to arrive from Denver next morning, hit a dirt road up the hill and took some pretty photos of fresh snow, cloud porn, and greenery!

Not being able to bike on the drenched, muddy single track or to hike real trails (it’s not kosher to ruin the trails by hiking/biking in mud), we hit the paved trail to the waterfalls.

I couldn’t pinpoint what took my breath away the first time I rolled my wheels into Steamboat and had me coming back time and time again. The mountains are not that high, the terrain is not that spectacular, town is cute but a town nevertheless. This time I brought my dear friend Janna with me and she had the same reaction! We decided it’s the #cloudporn, the bubbling #Yampa river, and the super friendly locals that make Steamboat so welcoming, soft, warm, fuzzy, and colorful!

Even fly fishing starts with dry land training! #hilarious

A trip to Steamboat isn’t complete without a visit to Strawberry Park Hot Springs – completely off grid and hippie and stunningly beautiful in every season!

What is the best place to watch the sunset? Our host’s amazing home will do!

Yummy brunch on Sunday morning at Creekside Cafe!

Our bikes are besties too – Rocky and Wheelie! They also like hot springs 🛀🚲

The single track mountain biking trails were still wet so we took the 20 mile paved bike path by the Yampa river instead and explored town on bike (until it started raining).

The old train depot that is converted to an art center always reminds me of Dr. Queen the Medical Woman. The series took place in Colorado Springs and not Steamboat but somehow I expect a woman with a wide skirt to get off a train at this station!

Landscapes of the American West – ranch land, meadows, mountains, cloud porn, and the occasional post office!

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