How to Pack Light for Skiing / Snowboarding

If we’ve met you know I travel ONLY with a carry on. I went on a spring skiing trip to Squaw Valley, Tahoe, CA and I decided NOT to check anything else but my board/boots bag. I also carried my daypack as a personal item. See how I managed to fit everything and then some to the utter disbelief of my friends who arrived with 2 large suitcases.

Truth be told my first snowboarding trip via plane was last Spring and I had absolutely NO idea how to pack my gear. So I watched a few YouTube videos and I somehow managed. How much has changed since! I’ve packed my gear over 100 times, ridden in 4 states with a total of 40+ days on the slopes, and I travel even lighter!

Rule # 1 – open all your bags, unzip pockets (jacket and pants included) and clear any liquids, substances, weapons, and tools. I live in Colorado and I tend to forget that what is legal here may not be so welcome on planes and in other states. #leavenotracebehind

  • Re-stock up on booze once you arrive in your destination. Usually liquor stores in big cities are way cheaper than the only shop in a small resort town. You’ll want your whiskey, trust me 🙂
  • Take your multi-tool out of your backpack (I hope you have a multi-tool) and put it in your board bag. You don’t want it to be confiscated if it is in your carry on. I use mine way more often to open bottles of wine than to fix bindings, but whatever necessary 😉

Rule # 2 – use all the empty spaces! in your boots, in your helmet, every nook and cranny you can find, stuff it!

Rule # 3 – use your skis / snowboard as a shelf and stack up everything on it. Then slide said “shelf” into the board / ski bag!

Rule # 4 – you may need to roll… Winter clothes take space so to make them fit in the ski / snowboard bag, roll all your pieces and then stack them up like french baguettes.

  • Bring 2 shirts for every pair of jeans, that way you need just 2 pairs of pants.
  • Jewelry – bring a piece that fits 2 outfits at least
  • Shoes / boots – I bring 2 pairs in addition to my snowboarding boots and flip flops

Last but not least – what doesn’t fit doesn’t come. #getminimalistic

  • Make up and cosmetics – the most important part of my luggage for me. I have carry on sizes from everything I use and I plan which make up palettes to bring based on my outfits. #nomakeupisnotanoption
  • Trust me, you won’t need ALL your clothes! Even with this minimalistic packing job I had clothes for 2 weeks and I barely wore not even half of them 🙂

For all my snowboarding trips in the US I used the padded, water resistant High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve and Boot Bag pictured below. Checks in as 1 item, for max weight refer to your airline reqs.

If I can do it, so can you! (And yes, I did bring a curling iron with me) #didnotuse


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