The Endless Winter – Snowboarding the American West

As the plane was taking off from Reno-Tahoe airport at the end of May tears started streaming down my face. It had been more than 6 months since opening day at Breckenridge in November and suddenly it dawned on me – I did it! I had just completed my first Endless Winter. 🏂❄🗻

Over 6 months of travel around the American West by myself in my tiny FWD Honda, all my belongings and gear packed in the back of the car, 14 different ski resorts in 5 states, 40+ days on the slopes, not a single lift ticket purchased at full price, not one night spent in a hotel. I did it, by myself, as a solo female traveler. In the vast expanse of the American West, I NOT only survived, I thrived 😇

Leaving for the West in Fall I didn’t know what I was doing (Surf, Snowboard, Travel). I had a direction but no final destination. I didn’t know the purpose of my trip but I knew my passion. (A Mermaid’s Tale) As T.D. Jakes says: “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right to your purpose.”

I didn’t do The Endless Winter with $$$, I didn’t do it with skill, I did it with passion for traveling and snowboarding, exploring far away places and meeting new people, I did it by being meticulous to detail, extremely organized, and as informed and safe as possible.

I didn’t ride with guts – I’m afraid of steep and speed.
I definitely didn’t ride with skills – got none. 😱
I rode with heart – surfing and snowboarding are my passion and it was my utmost desire to spend a season ski bumming in the West. ❤
As the saying goes – put your heart into it! And so I did!

When I shared my dream/desire to ski bum, travel, and snowboard out West with people in the Northeast, I often heard: “You can’t do that on your own”; “You’ll die”; “This is no task for a single girl”; “You’ll run out of money”; “Your car will break down”; “You’ll be highly unsuccessful”; “Do you think Colorado is waiting just for you?!”
Actually, YES, it was waiting for me! Yes, the car and I DID IT!
I didn’t just survive, I grew, I changed, and I LOVED IT!

The sad part was that the people who criticized my decision and desire the most were people who knew me, or so I thought. Yet, they didn’t believe in me. People who I considered friends. Yet, they didn’t help me. People who knew the West and the ski/snowboard industry. Yet, they didn’t know THIS girl. Just wait and see what happens when I put my mind to something! I have proven them all wrong, but that wasn’t my goal. My goal was NOT to give up on myself when everyone else DID.

And as I close the month of May, I can die happy 😍 There is absolutely nothing else out there left for me to achieve or prove. Not personally, not professionally. My life is complete. All I want now is to travel, and experience, and adventure, and have fun!

Remember, if I can do it, so can you! Don’t let anyone convince you in the contrary!


  1. When I met you in Big Shooter coffee in Kremmling, I was confident you would ski out the Winter. Well done! Hope you catch some waves this Summer (I recommend the Frog House in Newport Beach) and then I hope you ski Colorado again next Winter.

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