Dancing with Wolves at Howling Wolf Retreat, Utah

I hugged a wolf, 4 of them to be exact. They jumped on me like puppies and licked my face. 120 pds of puppy that is. They laid in my feet asking for their bellies to be rubbed and sat in my lap. #lapdog or #lapwolf They really liked me and howled all night for me to return after I left their pens. Yes, I stayed on a Wolf Sanctuary in Utah. Yes, I will be back. #cantdisappointawolf

The wolf has been portrayed so negatively in all types of folk tales and traditions, yet they are magnificent, kind hearted, true energy healers, and readers of emotions. Spending time with Jim and the wolves, I learned about their anatomy and what differentiates them from a dog, their habits in the wild and when raised by people,  their behavior, how they breed and how they raise their pups. I walked in their pens having nothing but deep love and admiration for them and they responded with the same. What would happen if we approached every living creature with pure love and positivity?!

Howling Wolf Retreat was the last stop on my 1500 Mile Utah Road Trip and ended up being the frosting on top of the cake! I arrived at Howling Wolf late in the evening after having gone to Springdale to rent gear for hiking the Narrows at Zion National Park next day. I also got a deep tissue massage with hot stones and aromatherapy from Ellen in Springdale while she was at work at Flanigan’s (Ellen and Jim run Howling Wolf Retreat) and I have to say that was one of the best massages I’ve gotten in my entire life, definitely top 5, and AM I picky and spoiled when it comes to massage…

Jim’s home is so cozy and comfortable and he is the kindest, most gracious host one could meet and the nicest human! (Also a phenomenal cook!) There is nothing like sitting on the porch, glass of wine in hand, overlooking Zion’s West Temple or star gazing in complete darkness, eating a home cooked meal, hearing wolves howling your name 🙂 Jim is building an original adobe house behind his existing home and would like to sleep outside and invite the wolves in it. I’d like that too! I will definitely be back! I miss the wolves tremendously and I know they miss me too!

Ellen and Jim recommended River Rock Roasting Co. in Hurricane, UT for breakfast on my way to Zion. It is an incredible coffee shop with locally roasted beans, the most delicious personal quiches, and all sorts of baked goods. And oh the views from their terrace overlooking the river… #livesuptoitsname And it opens at 630am, right in time to be bright and early in Zion at sunrise!


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