Day Hike to Rifle Falls / Rifle Gap, CO

Or why we shouldn’t forget to explore the hidden gems in our own backyard…

I had heard about Rifle Falls / Rifle Gap State Parks and seen the signs on I-70 but for some reason I never made it there in the past year traveling around Colorado.

Rifle Falls is a beautiful and easy hike around and over waterfalls and limestone caves. The falling waters create rainbows and the surrounding meadows are gorgeous even in the off-season. I’d say exploring Rifle Falls takes less than an hour. There is a daily state park fee which is well worth it considering how striking it is and how well maintained the grounds are. #nouglyseasonincolorado

Rifle Gap wasn’t exactly my next stop, I just took a side road and there was a beautiful lake along the way. Having the whole day to myself I took a sharp right to check out the “unknown” (to me) reservoir. Apparently it is called Rifle Gap and is a very popular place in summer. I loved the paths, hiking trails, and the opportunity to paddle, kayak, and swim in the warmer months of the year. (Also your daily state park pass is valid there too so no need to pay double) #twobirdswithonestone

Driving wise, I took the New Castle exit via Buford Rd on the way to there and passed through picturesque ranches and farmland. I returned from the other side through Rifle and drove the beautiful road that exits the reservoir and passes thru a canyon.

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