How to Get Fit on a Road Trip

It is not easy to stay in shape when road tripping and spending multiple hours a day in the car. However, with little planning and dedication, you can not only keep your shape but you can also improve your fitness and enhance your looks. As a weekend warrior solo female traveler on the road for over 20,000 miles an year, I have found the following simple tricks and tips very helpful!

Bring light and compact exercise gear 

Assuming you travel in a vehicle or check a bag and don’t need to pack tightly in a carry-on, you should have a little space to fit a small bag with exercise gear.

  • TRX (Suspension training system) – I love suspension training and it works with quite the opposite forces of a body weight workout
  • Stability band – for activating those small muscles
  • Strap for stretching (or you can use a towel)
  • Sliders (can be replaced with napkins on hardwood and paper plates on carpet)
  • Foam roller – for those knots… (use a hard ball (lacrosse/baseball) to save space)

Use every outdoor opportunity for movement – spend 2-3 hours a day in nature

  • Hike
  • Bike
  • Swim
  • Surf
  • Ski/Snowboard
  • Or do anything else that fancies you while taking in the beauty of Mother Nature

Grab 15-30min bodyweight workouts every chance you get – use rest stops, parks by the side of the road, gas stations, etc. (Don’t worry about the weird looks you’ll get from strangers, you are doing something good for your health and they are just jealous!)

In terms of what exercises you should be doing, I recommend functional training

  • 3 dimensional full-body exercises – using all planes of motion
  • Mobility, stability – since you are sitting and stiffening all day in the car
  • Sport specific exercises – to strengthen your body depending on what outdoor activity you plan on doing


#GetSome Yoga – I like checking out the local studios at every stop where I spend a night


Stretch daily – twice more than normal to prevent stiffness from driving and sitting for long periods of time

  • In the park
  • On the hotel bed
  • On the floor (when crashing on a friend’s sofa)

Don’t forget core exercises (add 10-15 min of core work daily)

Go to hot springs

  • Every time you see them on the road – I like them at least once a week
  • Good for stiffness, sore muscles, AND your skin – the hotter the better

Skin care

  • Use body oil instead of lotion, especially in dry climates and high altitudes
  • Try dry brushing to enhance blood circulation
  • Practice self massage to roll out kinks and speed up the lymphatic system


And LAST BUT NOT LEAST, don’t forget to enjoy the views, appreciate your surroundings, explore the country you are in and be grateful for the beauty of Planet Earth and the free opportunities for exercise Mother Nature offers us.

“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey that matters.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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