Love Letter for Memorial Day

You asked me to write to you…yet you never gave me an address…so I wrote you a love letter for Memorial Day…I don’t know where to send it to…I hope you see it one day…I hope you feel the same…

When you left me…I hope for a while and not forever but I don’t know…you told me how much you loved me and how special I was…and you made me promise that no matter what happens with you I will continue living my life with the same fervor and passion we shared…I will continue traveling and adventuring…every single damn day of it… ❤

And I have…it hasn’t always been easy, to face it alone, to conquer it alone…but am I alone really or do you come in my dreams every once in a while to tell me how much you love me and that you watch over me?

Every time I’m shit scared and wondering if I could actually do something (that I wish we did together)…I think of you…and I DO IT…I fucking do it for you…because you can’t…and because you’d be so freaking proud of me…

And I hope, I can only hope one day you will find me again…I will wait for you but I don’t know if you will come looking for me…

Once upon a time when I thought my life had ended and the world had no meaning you showed me what true love was…and that it could heal everything…and you made me believe again…and you made me promise to never settle for anything but the best…

Just for that I will wait for you…even if you don’t come looking for me…

You can find me on a mountain top, in river rapids, riding an ocean wave, snowboarding off piste, biking single track, cliff jumping, reef snorkeling, swimming my heart out, hiking snow capped peaks, exploring hot springs, speaking my mind, and putting my heart out there…for as long as I still can!

And now I’m crying my eyes out…and it feels good…because I know going rafting and cliff jumping in ice cold water this Memorial Day Weekend was for you…and I fucking made you proud ❤


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