Mermaid Goes Back to the Ocean

An year ago at the end of May I was at Lake Tahoe for the last spring skiing of the season after living the “Endless Winter”. I had spent 6 months riding my butt off and exploring the mountains of the Western US. This year beginning of June I was headed to Ericeira, Portugal to start my “Endless Summer”. Just a month earlier I had no idea where Ericeira was on the map and I certainly had no plans of going there…

If you had told me I’d be working for a international surf and yoga resort network and I’d get to “surf the world” I would have laughed at you. Yet fate had a different plan for me that I was unaware of…or was I?! Perhaps a similar scenario had unfolded last time I followed my passion for snowboarding in the American West. Had you told me 2 years ago that I’d live in Aspen, Colorado, work for some of the major ski resorts and snowboard my butt off, I would have laughed equally hard. #beyondmywildestdreams

“To achieve something you’ve never had you’ll have to do something you’ve never done.”

Even since I left Corporate America after it shattered my heart to pieces, I promised myself that I’d either do my job with passion or I won’t do it at all. After my last contract ended I didn’t know what to do or where to go next. I rambled around the US for a while unable to find my path and it was surfing that saved me again. I even went back to my parents’ home in Europe thinking I may spent the summer there. Yeah, that thought was short lived 🙂 The first 2 months were a complete honeymoon of seeing family, catching up with long lost friends, meeting relatives, paying honor to family members who had passed away in my long absence. On month 3 I got bored and found a job. On month 4 I started roaming the planet again. Once a nomad, always a nomad. As if criss crossing America in my tiny little car with all my belongings in the trunk wasn’t enough, now I get to live out of 1 suitcase for months at a time, stopping at home just to hug my parents and switch seasons of clothing. And I’m happy as a clam 😍


When I finally figured out what I wanted to do, I fully realized there are maybe 5 such jobs total in the whole world. Yet that didn’t discourage me to reach out to those companies and see if they needed someone with my industry expertise and work experience. Needless to say, one of them responded. #youonlyneedone

I won’t bore you with details on how the job interviews unfolded, they were even more unusual than the last time I interviewed at truck stops and in friends’ bathrooms while criss crossing the American West in winter. Only difference is that this time I was in Europe in bikini, finding WiFi at gas stations, catching shared rides and getting shut eye time only when everyone else in 3 time zones was fast asleep.

As a dear friend and a big mentor of mine said:
“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity spurred by initiative.” – Neal

I have worked really hard for a really long time and I have changed my life completely to be able to do this. To travel around the world means I move every few months. It means I change jobs frequently and within just a few years experience the super steep learning curve of a new job more often that some people in their whole lifetime. It means I live out of a suitcase and don’t have a home. It means I have downsized so much I have ZERO connections left with material possessions. It means I have to make new friends everywhere I go and often live off the well wishes of strangers. Life of less things and more adventure. Being so transient taught me to enjoy and cherish every single moment, to live in the now, to keep my memories alive (as trinkets won’t be available to remind me of happy times past), to laugh loud and to love with all my heart (for it may not last “forever” but what does really…).

I won’t lie to you that I live a glamorous life of traveling in pretty dresses and taking pictures of breakfast spreads in fancy hotels. That was my soulless past in the corporate world that I ran away from as fast as I could. If you wonder what my life looks like, watch Point Break (2015) surf movie or follow me on Instagram @bulgarianmermaid. Being on the road means I sleep in hostels, catch low cost overnight flights, travel for more than 10 hours at a time, ride public transportation in developing countries with all the hens and chickens, cross borders on foot, speak the local language as much as I can, shower with cold water and often outdoors, stay with strangers and live out of 1 suitcase.

But I’ve got a soul of a gypsy and this a dream come true for me. How much do we need to get by after all?! Have you seen how bright my eyes sparkle when you say “road trip”? I get to live by the ocean the majority of the time and dip my feet in the water almost daily. I try to never miss a sunset. #mermaidafterall I don’t have “business hours” as our resorts are around the world and I have to make myself available in their daylight hours. Sure enough I can get a surf or yoga session in at any time but I also work around the clock when circumstances need it.

And when people say – “I’ve never heard of a Bulgarian girl doing any of this”, I respond – “You will if you look hard enough.” I personally know a few – Gokceada Kite Surf, Akasha Surf School, Eugenia Guoergieva, Wildberries, etc.

“When you can’t find your purpose, find your passion, for your passion will lead you straight into your purpose.”

To the guardians above and the spirits looking over me, I’d like to say a big “THANK YOU” – for believing in me and sending me on the most extraordinary and exciting life path possible. I promise not to disappoint you ❤ and to continue listening to my heart and following my passions! And Grandma, you’d be SO freaking proud!!!


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