Meet the Mermaid


Adventure life coach, off the beaten path travel blogger, outdoors aficionado, solo female traveler and explorer, dedicated to inspire and empower you to live YOUR dream active life full of adventure, go outside and conquer the world and do at least one new thing a week that scares you! Because it is dreaming big and doing things despite our fear of failure that makes us grow!

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There is something about Mary 😉

Well Hello Hello, it’s nice to e-meet you!

I am Maria, born and raised in Bulgaria, world traveler since the age of 3 (blame it on my crazy parents), outdoors aficionado since the age of 23 (better later then never), aspiring surfer and snowboarder, fitness junkie, yoga practitioner, adventure life coach, strong believer that everything is possible as long as you want it strong enough and seek it hard enough, loving life and riding it gently on a natural high!

With a big passion for oceans, mountains and the cowboy culture of the Wild West, 27 US states and 30+ countries under my belt, I’m currently in Europe, exploring all Mother Nature has to offer, staying kind and humble and sharing my love for the outdoors and my knowledge how to live your dream active life with folks that cross my path and are willing to open their hearts and minds to learn a new approach.

In addition to adventuring outdoors and blogging about off-the-beaten-path travel, I use short inspirational posts to tell you my life story. It has been a long, windy road to say the least, taking in all Mother Nature has to offer, finding my tribe, figuring out how to combine my passion with my purpose, and having fun while doing so! Not easy, but oh so damn worth it!

And until I can support myself just by life coaching and travel blogging, my shenanigans are self-funded – I’m an Online, Digital, and Social Media Marketing Consultant, happy to provide advice for your Travel, Tourism, Outdoor Adventure, Hospitality, or Extreme Sports business.

Thank you for stopping by and happy tails 😘🐬

Maria, aka @BulgarianMermaid