Help a Gal Out

Although I love receiving mail and there is nothing sweeter than a handwritten card, I don’t really have a physical address where you can send such goodies. I don’t have a place to invite you over to celebrate with me either.

So all I could ask for (in addition to your love, support, and friendship 😍) is to donate to my solo road trip instead. It ain’t easy, (and I’m sh*t scared if you really want to know the truth), but it is so worth it.

You can also leave me a note with what you’d like me to do with the money –

  • buy gear and send you a picture of it ⛺;
  • go for coffee/drink and call you while sipping on it ☕🍹;
  • book a nice hotel room to get a good night sleep and clean up 🌃🛁;

– you name it, I’ll do it 🤗

A card costs about $5, taking me out for coffee would be $10, a lunch is between $30-50, dinner and drinks for my birthday around $100. Donate ONLY what you can afford, or like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram if that is all you can do right now. Your LOVE ❤ will be much appreciated and your generous GIFT 🎁 very welcome.

And since for damn sure I won’t invite you to a bridal/baby shower and I highly doubt it I’ll ever have a wedding, in proper “Sex and the City” fashion, I’m asking for your help when I need it most. When I’m on the road alone, searching for my path, looking for love, and living every day as if it were my last.

Or let me crash on your sofa 🛌 and take a shower 🚿 😘